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What are we doing now?

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This page will be updated regularly with project progress.


Official pivot to a UX/UI consulting platform


Beginning of a 12-week startup pre-accelerator


This week, Blue Tusk Biotechnology LLC will begin to reach out to software developers, customer service workers, students and other members of the community. We will conduct meetings over video conferencing platforms to further focus the products and services that Blue Tusk Biotechnology LLC can bring to its customers.


As of today, we have completed our official 2020 business plan. Last week, Blue Tusk Biotechnology LLC was granted a small sum of money for advancement in a start-up competition hosted by The University of Delaware. The COVID-19 situation in the United States will slow progress slightly but will allow for the base structural components of the company to be strengthened and fortified. In the coming weeks, we will focus on customer interviews over video calls. We will also be updating the website and internet presence of Blue Tusk Biotechnology LLC to increase exposure and to make outreach simpler.


In November we purchased a lightweight EEG headset in the price range that we would expect to bring to our customers to prove that the Macro BCI concept was feasible. We are happy to say that the tests went very well and that the technology and services currently on the market will make the process of launching a product easier than we previously assumed. In the new year, Blue Tusk Biotechnology plans to expand the team working on the Macro BCI project and to acquire funding from a multitude of different sources. As of today, We are confident that a working product will be on the market by 2021. Stay tuned for more as the project develops.


We have expanded the scope of our Macro BCI project. Rather than focus on mechanical limbs specifically, we want to perfect a system of brainwave based control for any application. The challenge we have set for ourselves is that of creating a universal language of brainwave signals.




As of August 2019, Blue Tusk Biotechnology is pursuing the creation of a practical way to control mechanical limbs using only brainwaves.  We know this can be achieved using machine learning and neural networks. Preliminary testing, customer discovery and worldwide team building is our current state as of September 10th, 2019

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